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Choice of Wines for dinners

The variety of wines to be served with a dinner depends largely on the rest of the menu. BEFORE a stag dinner of any kind, it is generally customary to serve either a cocktail, or a glass of sherry…

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Care and Serving of Wines

WINE does not differ from any other luxury in this world. Each person has his own ideas and tastes concerning it. On this account, no hard and fast rules can be laid down. There are, however, certain customs which…

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It may be possible to make bricks without straw —that is a question for brickmakers to decide. Certainly it is not possible to make cocktails without ice. Innocent of ice, the drink may be an aperitif or anything else…

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Red Top Rye Or How to make fine, fancy or mixed drinks

Make your own syrup by boiling together two pounds of loaf sugar to one pound of hot water. Boil five minutes and add water to thin. Ice must be washed clean before using. Never touch it with the hand,…

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The proper time for various drinks

The appropriate time for serving the following fine fancy or mixed drinks depends largely on individual taste and established usage. It is impossible to lay down any hard and fixed rule about the appropriateness of any certain drink. For…

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